Support Miqedem on the Road Towards Making Album #2

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I first caught wind of Miqedem when Jamie Hilsden (Man Alive) told me about his new world music project with songs taken from the ancient Hebrew bible (Tanach). The songs are sang in Hebrew! I mean here you have a diverse group of individuals located miles away in the country of Israel making music from ancient scripture all on their own independently. How unique is this? Yet here we are in America whining about every unimportant issue possible and arguing for days about nonsense. Here is a group creating music that will literally change lives and inspire people to think about just who they are and what they believe. Please watch the video below and find out a little more back story on this international music group as well as get some insight into what it is they do. I would much rather give to a campaign like this one than help another band “find our missing bag of Cheetos” fund ;) Campaign Link

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4 Comments on "Support Miqedem on the Road Towards Making Album #2"

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I didn’t realize the Man Alive connection. Been listening to their first album about a year and it is so good.

Steve young

THey are very good but man I wish man alive would do one more album


The tanak is the Old Testament.