Summer Slam Vol. 1 (2006) Now Available

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Back in 2006 I dreamt up my first Free digital compilation download. Back in those days not too many sites were diving into the free compilation game so it really pushed me to do something different. This compilation is super old and the majority of the bands don’t exist anymore. Still, there are some decent songs. I believe the songs will sound better if downloaded as MP3 so avoid the wav route. So without further delay, check it out right here.

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5 Comments on "Summer Slam Vol. 1 (2006) Now Available"

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IVM’s compilations, especially the Summer Slam’s, helped to broaden my musical horizons when I was younger. Big thanks for all of them for expanding my music library, downloading now!


Looks like you found the cover art. I asked Phil if he had it yesterday and he said he would look. Maybe he has a higher quality one if he does have it.