Stephen Christian Releases New Song "Trust" As Part of Pre-Order

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Stephen Christian (Ex-Anberlin) has released an epic new anthem titled “Trust” that is rich in texture and a sonic powerhouse. This new wave influenced pop worship song is sure to make a fan out of anyone who loves Stephen’s unique one of a kind voice and lyrical boldness. I’d much rather listen to this new “Wildfires” album than the majority of stuff on Christian radio (sorry Christian radio CCM fans). Before you throw out the “cheesy” remarks or hipster dissatisfaction just realize that Stephen along with Anberlin, paved the way for so many bands to pick up their guitars, bass, and drums. Anberlin truly opened doors for so many other artists to create one of a kind artistic music built on independence. Let’s all give Stephen a chance with this “Wildfires” album and listen proudly while cruising those paved roads to and from work, to Church on Sunday, or wherever you’re at in this life. Thank you Stephen for giving me something uplifting to listen to and inspiring hope.

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