Song(s) of the Day: Bloodgood - Crucify / The Messiah

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If you’ve been following social media regarding the Christian scene at all over the recent weeks/months, you’ll likely be aware of Michael Bloodgood’s recent health issues, culminating in his death last week. Michael was a co-founder, and obviously namesake, of the legendary and seminal Christian metal band Bloodgood.

The band has been active since the 1980s, with their first album coming out in 1986. They stood out from the pack in various ways: the theatrical singing and stage antics of lead vocalist Les Carlsen, the top-notch music and writing of the band, and their no-compromise approach to lyrics and music ministry. The title of their underground demo says it all: Metal Missionaries.

Michael was a beloved husband, father and friend to many, besides being the bass player and co-founder of the metal missionaries. The staying power of the band in a scene where almost no one makes a living (financially) from the music says loads about both their commitment to the music/ministry, but also about their friendship. Les and Michael (the two remaining original members) were not only music collaborators but best friends. Michael suffered a stroke a few months ago, and had seemed to be recovering, but unfortunately lost his battle last week. He will be missed by many.

Choosing one song from the canon of a band whose catalogue is so deep is incredibly difficult, especially when that band cranked out quality album after quality album. Sure, fans have their favorites and least favorites, but most would agree that their entire output is worth celebrating. I’ve said for years that the 1-2 punch of “Crucify,” followed by “The Messiah” just can’t be beat. They’re the strongest 2 songs back-to-back of any in all of Christian metal history.

“Crucify” takes the view of those involved in the crucifixion, especially Pilate and the crowds:

You act as though this man is inciting a rebellion
No one here can prove that to be true

Followed by the chorus of the crowds shouting . . .


It’s chilling to be sure, but then the song is followed up by “The Messiah,” which take the view of those caring for Jesus’ body just after the brutal murder, consecrated by the resurrection and great commission. Powerful stuff indeed!

So for this week’s Song of the Day, I’m cheating. It’s a 2-for-1 deal.

RIP Michael Bloodgood.

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