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Not much is known about this band, who released one album for major label Curb Records in 1997, called Yours Truly. They played a fairly straight-forward brand of alternative rock that hinted at grunge without ever fully going to Seattle. The lead single was “Low,” with its provocative chorus:

I’m wasted!
I’m wasted!
I’m wasted . . . without You!”

While the song might have raised eyebrows among critics of faith-based rock music, the lyrics hit home for some. I remember playing the song for a friend of mine, who at the time was not a fan of anything hard or heavy. She generally referred to Christian rock music as “kill your mama for Jesus music” (tongue-in-cheek, of course), but the lyrics resonated with her deeply. She couldn’t believe that anyone was willing to express their desperation and dependence on Jesus in such an animated and stark way.

Fortunately, the song isn’t just lyrically adept–it also rocks. Which is always a bonus. Check it out below. (The video link also includes the album namesake as a bonus track.)

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Timo Cuoco
August 21, 2020 6:53 pm

Love that short song! Also Ooh Where Are You?

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