Song of the Day: Terminal - Not All Bad

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Since it’s snowing today, I feel like this Monday deserves an emo song (it’s not even Halloween yet!). “Not All Bad” is one of the more hopeful Terminal tracks, with its bright guitar strums and lyrics that fight against self-deprecation and apathy. Maybe if the snow doesn’t let up, I’ll blare this song outside and try to melt it with some musical positivity?

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Mark K

It’s 90 degrees here in Ohio, a record high.


This snow was brutal. Got a flat tire right as it hit too, what can you do. It’s Not All Bad though, it was a beautiful snowfall. Terminal is a nice little slice of mid 2000’s Tooth and Nail

Man, that’s sour timing … sorry to hear you got it too! At least us Canadians can cry in unity I guess, while we sip some Tim Horts!

Obviously not jealous of the flat tire…but it’s 95 here…c’mon snow! I’d even take 75!