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September 30, 2019

Song of the Day: Terminal - Not All Bad

Since it’s snowing today, I feel like this Monday deserves an emo song (it’s not even Halloween yet!). “Not All Bad” is one of the more hopeful Terminal tracks, with its bright guitar strums and lyrics that fight against self-deprecation and apathy. Maybe if the snow doesn’t let up, I’ll blare this song outside and try to melt it with some musical positivity?… Continued →

March 26, 2017

Bands That Ended Too Soon - Terminal

Terminal 1998-2006 RIYL – old school Anberlin, Dead Poetic, Jimmy Eat World, Number One Gun In this new series, we will be bringing to light many bands that showed us a brief but bright gem of music before disbanding. This entry is about the Tooth & Nail band – Terminal. Don’t let the years above confuse you, though the band was active for 8 years, they only had 1 full length release. Terminal was a band that erupted quickly and died the same. In 2005, their debut and only album titled How The Lonely Keep released on Tooth & Nail Records.… Continued →