Song of the Day: Saint - Steel Killer

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I woke up this morning with this song in my head, so it clearly has the be the Song of the Day. Classic metal. You either love it, or just don’t really get the appeal. It’s 1986, and the only Christian metal that most people are aware of is Stryper. But hairspray and over-the-top production was not all that Christian metal had to offer in ’86. The same year the glam kings released To Hell with the Devil, Saint was dishing out their best album, Time’s End (in fact, it’s in the top 5 Christian metal albums of all time, IMO). Lyrically, the whole album deals with eschatology, and more often than not focuses on the dark side of things–what happens after the rapture, environmental collapse, industrial catastrophe, Armageddon–no topic is off limits! It’s dark, brooding, and heavy! Teenage me was literally frightened by the album cover alone. “Steel Killer” is the closing track on the album and showcases what is so great about the whole work.


Saint – Steel Killer

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I’ve never even listened to Judas Priest. Saint all the way baby! As for the theme of Time’s End, we’re there right now…problem is no one sees it! Our environment is collapsing thanks to the satanic powers-that-be waging war on God’s creation in a last bid attempt to win a losing battle. Chemtrails in our skies, flouride in our water, genetically modified foods, smart meters on every home, weather manipulation / warfare, the soon-to-be 5G electronic prison that will work in tandem with chemtrails, directed frequencies and all other technologies to literally rewrite our genetic code (Mark Of The Beast),… Read more »

There is so much going on here in this comment and I’m left literally scratching my head. #confused


You mean the real life apocalyptic stuff that most have been duped into believing to be absurd “conspiracy theories”?

There are not enough hours in the day to debate with someone who has their mind made up. This is just a fun little music website the tries to stay as drama free as possible.


I’m certainly not debating here. Nor am I a closed-minded person as you suggest. Quite the opposite actually. I made a serious comment to a song from a serious album based on end-time apocalyptic events. I agree, this is a fun little music website, so why provide the drama? I didn’t feel my comment was to create any more drama than the themes this song or album was based around. I didn’t ask for a reply or encourage a debate. I simply made a comment based on my love of this particular Saint album.

Ok, I understand. Thanks for visiting and I appreciate you joining in the discussion here

Mark K

Love this band! Still going strong too! My favorite albums are Too Late For Living, In The Battle, Time’s End and The Revelation.

Time’s End is interesting because it is really heavy on Priest-isms, much more so than later albums (though they all bear that resemblance). It was hard for me to listen to the title track after spending so many years listening to Judas Priest’s “Metal Gods.” That killer, signature groove on the latter being reworked is a hard one to swallow. Still an amazing track but a little too close to home there.

Dave Criswell

Love it Loyd! I was aware of Saint but never heard this – outstanding! Reminds me of Judas Priest