Song of the Day: Lights for Nero - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Weapons Inspectors

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Sadly, I only got to attend Cornerstone Festival once. I planned out my schedule in advance: hardcore here, punk rock there, metal over here, all sprinkled with alternative, indie rock, and goth too. If you’ve ever been to the festival, you’ll remember the countless numbers of flyers and leaflets for shows happening that week. One of the most mysterious and interesting was for a band I’d never heard of called Lights for Nero. Although I knew next to nothing about them, that flyer convinced me that I didn’t need to be anywhere else that afternoon.

What I heard completely floored me. Jazz? Check. Grindcore? Check. Screamo? Check. As soon as I got home, I ordered 10 copies of their independent CD “And Little Lambs Eat Nations” and quickly sold out of all of them. Here’s to Cornerstone 2002 and Lights for Nero.

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Phil Recognition
Phil Recognition
September 2, 2019 11:30 am

throw back!

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