Song of the Day: Light The Way - Hope

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This Easter Sunday is unlike anything our generation has ever faced. Most of us are in quarantine, secluded to our homes and celebrating a momentous occasion from the comfort of our arm chairs. No standard Easter Services, no fellowship in person, and no Sunday school. This is an unprecedented week, month, and year in our histories that is being literally written before our eyes. Despite the seclusion, despite the dreariness and loneliness for millions we all know there is an answer. An unrelenting, purposeful Love through our savior, Jesus. What started on what we call “Good” Friday with the crucifixion of our Lord begins anew today with the redemption in blood paid for on that cross over 2000 years ago and our risen King. It’s amazing to think that one amazing book (word of God) and a prevailing love has endured for thousands of years. Through war, famine, disease, economic collapses, births, deaths, and viruses, our God reigns true in infinite love and wisdom. We are all broken people and this day is no different except that Jesus paid for in blood to redeem us of all our brokenness and sin. We are healed and given new life. This Easter day let’s celebrate our true Hope and light the way for those we love the most to find redemption. My song of the day is from Light The Way and it one called “Hope” which released last summer on IVM. I feel it is appropriate to share this song today and give us all something to think about. God Bless all of you today and I pray for peace to fill your souls during this difficult time.

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