Song of the Day: Kosmos Express - Just Say It

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The year was 1997. The heyday of Christian alternative rock was starting to wane, as mainstream sounds were drifting into new territory. Dance pop (in the form of boy bands and girl bands) was starting to make another attempt at dominating the airwaves. Electronica and house were exploding in creativity and splintering into new subgenres every day. Outside of punk and hardcore, the most exciting thing happening in rock was a revival of traditional British sounds in a new format cleverly dubbed “Britpop.” While not a new genre per se, its popularity had boomed with no small thanks to bands like Oasis, Blur, James and literally dozens of others across the pond. But CCM had always been largely an American scene (with notable exceptions of course).

Enter Kosmos Express. The band had perhaps the most relevant and refreshing take on the genre, having very few peers in the scene (Driver Eight being the strongest example). They released 2 albums, and drifted off into obscurity, although some members turned up elsewhere (member Beau Burchell later surfaced as a guitarist for Saosin, for instance). As so often happens with innovative and/or relevant bands (King’s X, anyone?), Kosmos Express never got the credit they deserved.

Here is my favorite track from their debut album “Now.”

Kosmos Express – Just Say It

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Rob Goraieb

Thank you, Loyd! All the best to you! – Rob Goraieb

Nolan Giesbrecht

I bought they’re first album at a Manitoba (Canada!) Christian music fest based solely on the fact that the band looked “cool” on the back of the CD.

I absolutely loved that album… still get a hankering for it but I lost it and my digital copy years ago and it’s not available for streaming or iTunes.

We should do a post about all the great indie Christian releases that are out of print and not available for streaming. So many lost gems. I don’t have this release and I want to listen to it badly. I remember ignoring them for some reason because I assumed it was 2nd rate Brit-pop rock but I take that cynicism back.

Nolan Giesbrecht

That’d be a great idea – not really indie, but I used to love GS Megaphone and I can’t find their (I’d love to edit my previous comment to correct the embarrassing “they’re”) music anywhere online.

Their song/music video for “Dream” is so good!