Song of The Day: Every New Day - Silent Streets

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The song “Silent Streets” appears on the 2nd official (or 3rd if you’re keeping count) album from this punk/hardcore band out of Canada called “Every New Day“. It appeared on the album, “Even In The Darkest Places”. This song was unlike most I’d heard in the genre around that time period. END pieced together hardcore, punk rock, and hard rock to create an explosive mix. Elements of your favorite bands from the 00’s taken to a whole other level and with the sound quality/production most bands only dreamed about. This was a release on a small label but distributed through Eulogy Recordings. Hand of Hope was actually a sub label of Eulogy. This is one of those releases that has disappeared from much of the web and streaming services which is a huge bummer because I feel it was the band’s best release by far. “Silent Streets” starts off with a piano driven intro then leads right into guitar heavy punk rock with elements of hardcore. It was heavy but extremely melodic. I would imagine bands like old Thrice, Comeback Kid, Death By Stereo, Glasseater, With Honor, and Dogwood were huge influences. Check out a little 3 song sampler from the record, below. Just keep in mind that these MP3s were ripped from my lame m4a files as I cant find CD of it. Every New Day, if you’re reading this please consider putting this excellent album and your early recordings on Salad Dressing on Digital Networks. Oh, and if you want to create a few new songs I’d love that too 😉

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Marco Leal
June 6, 2020 11:17 am

Great overlooked band! Loved these guys back in the day! Totally reminded me of Thrice’s “Identity Crisis” when I first heard “The Shadows Cast”. I had some mp3’s from “Even in the Darkest Places”, but even so still want a physical copy. I’ve been searching used book and cd stores as well as online resources to see if I could track it down, but to no avail. I hope the guys do read this and can do something to make it available either digital or physical.

June 7, 2020 9:03 am
Reply to  Marco Leal

The best band. Good friends of mine.

Marco Leal
September 18, 2020 4:06 pm

Ok, so I know this was posted 3 months ago, but I was just looking through itunes and happened upon both END’s available for digital download! Wanted to share!

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