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July 8, 2023

Introducing: Generation Gone

For this special Saturday in July I thought I’d share another really great project with you this time from a group called “Generation Gone“. They are a melodic hardcore punk band out of Southern California featuring a heavy, hard hitting sound that is melodic at times and furious all the time. The music is loud but the production is above all the rest (makes sense since the famous producer Paul Miner has his hands on producing these tunes). Songs about life and frustration, about Faith and resolution, about coming to grips with who you are and what you believe.… Continued →

June 6, 2020

Song of The Day: Every New Day - Silent Streets

The song “Silent Streets” appears on the 2nd official (or 3rd if you’re keeping count) album from this punk/hardcore band out of Canada called “Every New Day“. It appeared on the album, “Even In The Darkest Places”. This song was unlike most I’d heard in the genre around that time period. END pieced together hardcore, punk rock, and hard rock to create an explosive mix. Elements of your favorite bands from the 00’s taken to a whole other level and with the sound quality/production most bands only dreamed about.… Continued →

December 17, 2016

5 Christian Metal/Hardcore Bands That You May Not Have Heard Of

These are some bands that were sort of popular, but didn’t get very far. Hopefully this sheds some light to the underground SFHC Scene or more appropriately, SFMC Scene. 5. One Way/Raid Christian metalcore/hardcore One Way formed in… I don’t know when. The 80’s. The band did not have very much success or really any publications. Other than one in HM in 1991. But Raid, their next band, had a little more success. Same genre as One Way, but with a Straight-Edge message, alongside the uplifting Christian message.… Continued →