Song of the Day: Eternal Ryte - The Killer

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This band had the glammy looks and the flashy hooks, but their sound was heavier than the stereotypes led us to believe. Riding the line between glam metal and traditional heavy metal/power metal, the band played loud, melodic tunes with lots and lots of riffs.

Hailing from Hollywood, California, the band came by their glam tendencies honestly. But listen to the riffs on “The Killer.” You won’t hear anything that heavy from Poison or Def Leppard.

The band released a pair of cassette demos in 1988 and their only full-length album World Requiem in 1990 before calling it quits, with drummer Scott Ernest joining the ranks of another famed Christian melodic metal band, Angelica. Songs featured standard lyrical fare for the era, with an emphasis on evangelism and some hints at spiritual warfare. “The Killer” tackles both:

Satan wants your soul in hell
But Jesus died so you could live!
You know the score, the choice is yours tonight
To die in sin or live with Christ
‘Cause Jesus rose to give you life
He can save you from the killer, from the killer
Beware! Beware! Beware!
He’s a killer!

Roxx Records released World Requiem Anthology in 2007, a comprehensive discography from the band all in one package.

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