Song of the Day: Dogwood - In The Line of Fire

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With regard to the news of today that is surely causing friend to turn against friend, family members against each other, man against man, woman against woman, and the general disregard for one’s truth, with precious life taking a back seat, I thought I’d share a song that fits today’s message. This song is called “In The Line of Fire” and it appears on Dogwood’s 2nd full length record, “Through Thick and Thin” (1997). It’s a great song and the sentiment still rings true. A few words… Remember who is inflaming tensions, who is stoking the fires of anger and hate, and who is ripping apart our humanity at the seams. It isn’t this side or that side, this politician, or that politician, this celebrity or that celebrity. It is the entirety of media and mass fed news and information being force fed down our throats by powers that seek to profit off our discontentment. Media at large is to blame and what we see thrust to the forefront for our eyes to consume and our ears to digest. It’s funny how powerful the ageless “pen” is, the keystroke on that keyboard, the touch of a finger against a warm, illuminated screen. Whether you agree with me, whether you disagree with me isn’t the point. It is all about losing sight for what is important to all of us and that is maintaining our common decency. Common decency to teach the youngest among us, to share Truth of the Gospel with those that will listen, to spread love and offer hope eternal. We are losing sight of each other. Our mere presence is clouded by fear, shrouded by hate, by anger, and by confusion. Our hearts and our minds are not impenetrable. The seeds of hate have been planted and this acid rain of disillusion is helping to raise a harvest of decay, saturated by loss. We are lost. We are lost wandering the desert seeking answers only to find that last grain of sand from yesterday, slipping through worn, rigid, calloused hands that have lost all warmth and feeling. Tree after tree, the forest surrounds only to block out that last remaining light from piercing through poisonous clouds. We are confused. We are disillusioned. We have planted this poison garden and we will lay at the feet of pestilence until one of us wakes up and determines that this isn’t the way to live any longer. I pray for all of us, I pray for the future of our world. I pray for the forgotten tomorrows and misunderstood days we are living in. May God grant us all relief from this alternate reality and that we may find our way back home. #Life

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June 24, 2022 5:58 pm

When you said remember who is stoking the fires of anger and hate, I was surprised by your conclusion (though there’s truth to what you said also). But under everything else, the one who is stoking the fires of anger and hate is the evil one. We wrestle not against flesh and blood…

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