Slow Coming Day to Release "1000 Years (Like A Day) via Indie Vision Music

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Turn off the TV, close your internet browsers, and put on the headphones, it’s time for a trip back in time. The critically underrated indie-emo-rock or whatever you would like to call them band, have decided to come out of retirement and write new songs. These 9 new songs will be arranged in an album titled “1000 Years (Like A Day)” which will be released via Indie Vision Music in February. It’ll be available in Digital format and on CD. Pre-orders for the CD have launched right here. This new effort will see the band exploring new territory while full embracing a familiar landscape of carefully thought out melodies and remarkable songwriting. Orion Walsh and the gang are back and this new effort will prove once again why good music should never go unnoticed. Mastered by Sef Idle for Simpul Studio. If you’ve enjoyed Orion’s solo material, The Postal Service, and Slow Coming Day songs, you’re going to love this. First song reveal will go up on a site once the final master is returned. Thank you friends for the support!

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January 19, 2019 6:02 pm

Wow 9 songs almost a full length

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