Slow Coming Day to Play Reunion Gig in So Cal with Watashi Wa

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Slow Coming Day will be playing a very special reunion concert with the original band line up. Concert takes place December 16th at The Wayfarer in Costa Mesa, CA. with Watashi Wa and Jon Caro (Stairwell). Show starts at 7pm and only $10. Check out a fun lyric video for their classic song “Pages Yet to Be Written” and also take a look at cool flyer as well. I’ve said it before but Slow Coming Day were a special kind of band that could have been a huge force in terms of reach and fanbase but for whatever the reason, they flew under most people’s radars at that time. There is nothing lacking quality or production wise in their debut full length “Farewell to the Familiar” (2003/Tooth & Nail Records) but I think the band suffered the fate of oversaturation of product in that time period. There was just so much to choose from and everyone was clamoring for their own piece of the pie. This was before streaming services and music mostly originated on CDs, mp3s, records, etc. Do yourself a favor and check out that album and maybe you’ll be inspired to attend the show.

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