Skillet Drops New Lyric Video, "Dead Man Walking"

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Last month, Skillet re-released their most recent album, “Victorious” and dubbed it “Victorious: The Aftermath” (get yours HERE). The re-release features 3 new tracks and reimagined/remixed versions of previously existing tracks. One of the new tracks, “Dead Man Walking” was just given the lyric video treatment. Seems very reminiscent of what you’d hear off the “Rise” album. Check it out below and see if you agree.

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September 28, 2020 1:08 pm

This really makes me think of Powerman 5000’s Somewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere album. Not a bad thing but I don’t know if it’s a really good thing either hahah fun song though.

September 28, 2020 2:16 pm
Reply to  MrM

Aw, man, I completely forgot about Powerman 5000–but you are right, that’s what this sounds like!

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