Revival Hymns Releases Brand New EP

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Revival Hymns just dropped a brand new 3 Song EP titled “Birth Pains”. This is their first new music in over 7 years. The indie/shoegaze band has garnered much interest here in the states by way of Finland/Germany where the members reside. You can listen to the new song “Praise for the Bereft” below. “Incredible”, “Breathtaking”, “Inspiring” are not words to merely toss casually at artists in regards to igniting false hype around something a journalist may find especially appealing (or a record label deems “Important” for us as writers to check out). These words, these feelings, the emotional connection I have listening to the songs may be subjective but to be honest, I am sure these descriptions will reverberate among the masses who give the songs an honest listen. “Indie Vision Music” is not just for name dropping sake, catered to a specific audience, or wrapped up into some punk rock spirit (I am guilty, I admit), the whole mission of this site is to give independent artists a platform and share music you may have never heard about in your lives. Don’t wait for the crowds to sway you or some hipster publicist to flower flattering words about. Seek out talent yourselves and discover music just like Revival Hymns and this EP which could quite possibly be the best thing you’ve ever heard. “Birth Pains” released today on all digital networks and streaming sites.

Band Bio:

Revival Hymns are a dark pop / post rock / shoegaze group hailing from Tampere, Finland and Karlsruhe, Germany.

In 2011 Revival Hymns emerged out of nowhere to the post rock/shoegaze scene by releasing their critically acclaimed album Feathers through Lionheart Records. The album was nothing short of extraordinary, ranging from moments of introverted desolation to majestic walls of noise. Through the buzz generated by international music blogs, the German I.Corrupt.Records found the band and released the debut album also as a vinyl. To support the vinyl release, the band also toured around Europe in 2012 with their labelmates Kokomo.

Revival Hymns’ sophomore album Pauhu saw the light of day in 2014 and gained praise from Finnish and international music media. With even more sophisticated songwriting and meticulous attention to building soundscapes layer by layer, they developed their original, dynamic sound further towards dream pop and a lighter, more melodic approach. Pauhu was released as a CD by Riku Records and as a cassette by the German Wolves and Vibrancy Records.

In 2021, after seven years of silence, the long wait is over. Revival Hymns have finally awoken from hibernation and are about to release new music. The air is heavy with anticipation as the masters of atmospheric indie rock return to the scene. Their new three-song EP is aptly titled ‘Birth Pains’, featuring a sense of artistry that has once again evolved towards new dimensions – somehow managing to sound both fresh and familiar at the same time.

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