Reese Roper (Five Iron Frenzy) and Joe Yerke (Insyderz) Launch Pickle & Bootshoppe Podcast

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Reese Roper and Joe Yerke are up to their old games again. They obliterating our ear drums with a new podcast that will chase friends away and make enemies of family members. This “Pickle & Boot Shoppe Podcast” is the things nightmares are made of. Listen through your favorite podcasting/digital network now. Make Millennials shed snowflake tears with this icy cold, middle aged attempt to grasp at fading youth. Well, you know I do appreciate the music of both their respective bands so I can’t knock this too hard even if they are jaded, sarcastic old guys that reek of grotesque cynicism. So put on your Phantom Mullets and rock out like it’s the Fight Of Your Life. Enjoy. More info can be found right here. [Facebook]

Disclaimer: Indie Vision Music is not responsible for the sudden need of a sears catalog reading session during a bathroom break. Or the desire to cruise around town in a t-top, 1985 Camaro with Motley Crue blaring out loud. Or claiming you were the first to yell “Oi, Oi, Oi” while wearing a sweaty suit and sporting Oakley sunglasses. Oh, and those are NOT “Wife Beaters” they are called Tank Tops! 😉

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