RED Announces New Album, "Gone"

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Hard rock group, RED, has announced a new album that will be released on October 27th, titled, “Gone”. According to the band’s Facebook page, the tracklisting will be:


There will also be a deluxe version available. The album is being funded through a pledge campaign that you can get behind HERE.

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11 Comments on "RED Announces New Album, "Gone""

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“Digital downloads will be the deluxe edition of GONE, physical CDs will be standard.”
Does that mean there will be no CD of the deluxe edition?


I hope, it will sound more like their older stuff, as the last album was waaay to boring for my ears. Pity, I really love their music, but that album was a bit of a fail.

Sincerely hope it’s in the same vein of Beauty and Rage. Red’s albums are either hit or miss with me, and their most recent album was a masterpiece while Release the Panic was so wildly subpar.


Completely agree. Release the Panic was disappointing, and while I enjoyed the Recalibrated release, some of the orchestral elements simply felt tacked on. Of Beauty and Rage completely revitalized my excitement for this band


Rob Graves is the common denominator. He was absent for Release the Panic and it was a mess. He’s on “Gone” so lets hope for the best

Howard Benson … I’ve also heard complaints about “With Shivering Hearts We Wait” by Blindside, which he was also executive producer for. Wow, as I’m looking into this he also produced “Awake” by Skillet, which I consider to be the point where they became a generic band.

I love a lot of Howard’s work on albums and his commercial sounding touch. A lot of people hate that commercial sound but I don’t mind it on a few releases. POD Satellite, Blindside Silence, Less Than Jake In With The Out Crowd, and loads more. Another one with a knack for producing slick commercial Records is John Feldman. Look at his production work and it’ll surprise you

I too think both have impressive work to their names. As for Benson, I enjoy Flyleaf’s self-titled. I’m mostly familiar with Feldmann’s work with The Used, none of which I have complaints about. “In Love and Death,” I think, is his best production work for that band.

I cannot talk enough about With Shivering Hearts We Wait…. you talk about a near legendary band finally coming back with a great album that was downright RUINED with the worst production I have ever heard. I have never been a fan of Howard because of it. The thinnest and most plastic sounding albums come from him in recent years.


Nice rhyme there

Sam Melhuish

Y’all have no idea how much I agree with you guys. End of Silence, Innocence and Instinct, and Of Beauty and Rage are three of my favorite albums of all time, while Until We Have Faces and Release the Panic seemed so shallow. If this album is anywhere close to the caliber of either of the former albums, I won’t be disappointed at all.