Presenting: Small Step Records - A New Pop-Punk, Indie, Emo, Easycore, Ska, Label

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I’m proud to introduce the IVM community to a new DIY label called “Small Step Records“, run by some great friends of mine. They will be releasing the brand new Homeplate EP soon which will undoubtedly smash expectations and garner new fans across the globe. The band Grandpa Loves Rhinos has also joined the ranks. This is a new endeavor and you will be hearing a lot more from Small Step in the weeks, and months to come. [website]

Small Step Records is a new DIY label born out of a network of independent artists, working together to maximize efforts, encourage one another, and expand the collective reach to a niche audience. With shared roots in the Indie Vision Music community, this label is run independently by bands, for bands.

The Small Step family is focused on partnering with new, independent pop punk, melodic punk, easycore, emo & ska artists, many who write from the Christian faith perspective. The mission is to support the production of quality music that shares a message of hope and love, while assisting artists in taking the next small step with sharing their art.

    Bands on the Label:

Homeplate & Grandpa Loves Rhinos
Currently looking for more artists to join the family.


Spotify playlist:


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