Pre-Orders for Two Classic Five Iron Frenzy Releases on Limited Colored Vinyl, Now Available!

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Two of Five Iron Frenzy’s classic releases, “Quantity Is Job #1” Ep and “All The Hype That Money Can Buy” are both available on unique colored vinyl from SMLXL Vinyl right here. Read below for pressing info. Be like me and throw your money at one of the worst bands possible. This vinyl sucks so bad that the vile stench of garbage will pour forth from your record player upon first spin. Seriously, FIF smells so bad that not even the fire department can douse these flames of crap. Use these records as an oversized Frisbee although your dog will probably get sick from catching one, as a coaster which will probably break any glass placed upon it, or just use it as a flimsy weapon that will most likely get your harmed or killed in a fight with gangsters. Sorry FIF, I have better ways of spending my money like buying that super cool Justin Bieber record! Speaking of FIF, I have a new music video that you can find below, it’s titled “Baby” and I think you’ll dig it.

Quantity is Job #1
printed on Green Vinyl and limited to 300 copies
Also printed on Black but not limited

All The Hype That Money Can Buy
Printed on Red and Orange Marbled Vinyl and limited to 300 copies
Also printed on black but not limited

Hey check out this NEW Five Iron Frenzy video that rules so much more than all the crap in the past

No? Alright then just listen to the crappy originals

…….if you can’t smell the subtle hint of sarcasm then get off my lawn………

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October 19, 2017 1:24 am


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