Orion Walsh (Slow Coming Day) to Release New Ep on Indie Vision Music April 26th

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I am pleased to announce that Slow Coming Day front man/songwriter, Orion Walsh, will release his new ep “The Foreigner” on Indie Vision Music April 26th 2019. Orion Walsh has been an active member of the music community for nearly two decades now, first recording in the and Three for Flinching, then with Slow Coming Day, while also racking up a hefty amount of truly wonderful “solo” releases. Orion has toured the U.S. and Europe many times over in the past 10 years and continues to make make his mark on music and culture at large. Orion Walsh is also playing two dates at SXSW this week (see pic below with info). The first song from this new ep project will launch in a few weeks. The Ep is being recorded with Jonathan Jones of We Shot the Moon & Waking Ashland fame, and will be mastered by Sef Idle of Simpul Studio. We will try and have a video and other fun stuff leading up to the release. Stay tuned. This will be a digital only release and will be available through all marketplaces, bandcamp, etc. Orion will also have on his music pages so that you can buy direct from him if you so please. Check out his upcoming U.S./Europe Tour Dates below. Thanks for all the support, friends!

Orion Walsh Tour Dates 2019

03.13.19 – Austin, TX – Shangi La (Nebraska Exposed) – 5pm, Free
03.29.19 – Lincoln, NE – Blue Blood Brewing Co – 8-10pm, Free
04.26.19 – Lincoln, NE – Crescent Moon Coffee – 8-10pm w/JM Lansdowne
05.02.19 – Ames, IA – House Concert w/JM Lansdowne
05.03.19 – Iowa City, IA – TBA w/JM Lansdowne
05.05.19 – Chicago, IL – TBA w/JM Lansdowne
European Tour 2019:
11.05.19 – Offenbach, DE – “Come Together” Festival (info @paradies-und-das.com)
17.05.19 – Ludwigsburg, DE – Garden concert
18.05.19 – Allgau, DE – CVJM
19.05.19 – Friedrichshafen, DE – Cafe Karamell
29.05.19 – Horn-Bad Meinberg, DE – Strickcafé
13.06.19 – Calberlah, DE – House concert w/Jante
14.06.19 – Bad Harzburg, DE – House concert w/Jante
15.06.19 – Leiferde, DE – House concert w/Jante
17.06.19 – Wesel, DE – JZ Karo
20.06.19 – Hamburg, DE – Cafe Raum & Zeit
21.06.19 – Chemnitz, DE – Fete de la Musique Festival
24.06.19 – Chemnitz, DE – Inspire
26.06.19 – Berlin, DE – Prachtwerk
28.06.19 – Berlin, DE – House concert
29.06.19 – Meissen, DE – Sax 11 Studios
30.06.19 – Dresden, DE – House concert
05.07.19 – Zurich, CH – House concert

After a decade of putting out albums and touring, Nebraskan singer-songwriter Orion Walsh will release “The Foreigner” EP, with Indie Vision Music. Full of fun songs & storytelling, this is truly a mature step forward for this well traveled troubadour. Walsh has previously released four full length albums & three EPs with independent labels Sower Records & The Hunter Records. He has also released two full length albums with his band Slow Coming Day (Tooth and Nail Records) which had major label distribution back in 2003. His accomplishments include releasing several songs for multiple compilations as well. Walsh has been touring for over a decade and has performed over 700 concerts all over the United States as well as multiple tours to Europe. Several of his songs have been used on television and independent films in the past, the most noteworthy being on “Americas Next Top Model” of international fame. Expect to see more from this free spirited traveler and songwriter in the years to come.

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