Nosral Recordings: New Bands, New Music

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Nosral Recordings, the label of Mike “Sebat” Larson (Frost Like Ashes), has announced the signing of several new bands to their up and coming label. The first act is known simply as Enemy of Satan a project based out of Indonesia. It’s run all by Daniel Madha. The second is better known. Nuclear Blaze is yet another project formed by the legendary Fire, also known as Jarek Pozarycki, founder of Elgibbor, Fire Throne and a fellow member of Frost Like Ashes. The band primarily performs death-grind, a relaxing break from all of the black metal Fire typically performs. Old Man Frost, a supergroup project by Sebat, Fire, Nyk “Azahel” Edinger, and Shawn “Wretched” Browning, have also joined the label. The band has EP due to come out soon. Frost Like Ashes have also decided to re-release all of their discography through the label. And finally, the label has announced the release of Katharos‘ new two song EP. This label has some exciting stuff coming, as well as more announcements coming Friday, September 22nd.

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