New Wage War Song, "Me Against Myself"

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Wage War has released a new track, called “Me Against Myself” today. This particular song is a huge shift from what fans of the band are likely used to. Check out the song below and drop a comment. We’re eager to hear your thoughts on this one.

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Getting I Prevail vibes

Daniel J

Video unavailable

I just checked and both those videos work here in the US at least. I checked with my phone.

Daniel J

Must be restricted here in Aus for some reason


Lots of heavy bands shifting to a lighter sound. Hundredth’s new music is unrecognisable as the same band (but tbh I prefer their new sound). Bring Me the Horizon was a big change. This song reminds me of The Word Alive’s new song “Misery”; still has hard elements but is much lighter overall

This song is maybe the most boring of all the above. Not bad, just not very exciting.