New Veridia Track, "Blood Diamond"

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Veridia has had a sound hard to put your finger on, but they’ve been everywhere between rock, electronic, and pop. The band has released a new song today called “Blood Diamond”. Check out the song below and an explanation of it below that.

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Our new song, “Blood Diamond (الماسة الدم)” is officially out! Listen now at the link in our bio! We titled this song “Blood Diamond” not because of its definition of diamonds mined to finance conflict, but to redefine the meaning, because what really holds value in life is us, our human connection. To me, our love is the Blood Diamond, because it takes digging deep into our hearts to excavate this intangible gift we can offer someone else… and it’s expensive, because it comes with the cost of knowing that we only have a certain amount of time on earth to experience it with one another. . I imagine our hearts are like fragile cases that hold our Blood Diamonds… and I believe that successful relationships aren’t made from two people who decide not to break each other’s hearts, that’s impossible, they’re made when two people know how to endure breaking each other’s hearts repeatedly (non-abusively accepting our imperfections), knowing that it’s worth it to put them back together every time, and you do that by filling those fractures with gold: forgiveness, compassion, empathy… which strengthens, adds value, and more meaning to the love you’ve shared. . I feel like this reminder is even more important in days like these. Why waste the finite time we’ve been given in anger, resentment, or fear…? . So, I put in lyric what’s taken me years to truly understand – that love is the most valuable thing in this world, and it’s expensive, but it’s so worth it. . This is our new song, Blood Diamond – دي الأغنية الجديدة بتاعتنا، الماسة الدم

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