New Releases: February 16, 2018

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Alternative & Rock

Contemporary & Pop

Folk & Singer/Songwriter

Hip Hop & Urban

Praise & Worship


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46 Comments on "New Releases: February 16, 2018"

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Jaxon – The Journey [EP] is Contemporary, btw.

R&B / Soul

Kayla Starks – No Friend Zone [Single]

Also check out Johnnie Jordan’s latest on Spotify:

It’s classified as Christian music according to a source. I don’t currently have an active Spotify subscription, so you’d have to check it out to be sure.

I found it on Google Play… It’s weird, and I can’t really tell from the lyrics that I can discern whether this one is Christian. All the others are, though, for sure as they are listed as such and verifiable. And that should be the last of my updates for this week.

Also, Hillsong’s single is entitled, “Love Won’t Let Me Down – The Remixes”


Ozay Moore release is awesome. also Off Road Minivan is great

Several releases were missed. It will take a while to go through all of them. They will be posted below this comment:

Alternative & Rock

Catedral – O Chefe da Quadrilha [Single]

Contemporary & Pop

Another one I missed:
Stretto – Tu Gloria

Danilo Montero – Llena todo en mi (Espontanea) [Single]

Coros Pentecostales – Espíritu Santo

Christa Wells – Velveteen [Single]

Annette Moreno – Tempestad – Single

Praise & Worship

Toma Tu Lugar – Gloria (feat. Jan Earle) [Single]

Tony Pérez – Tu Olas Sobre Mi (feat. Melody Perez) [Single]

Paul Baloche – Ultimate Collection

Alabanza Vida Nueva – Alabanzas a Dios

Hip Hop & Urban

Micky Medina – Yo No Creo en Eso [Single]

Hyper Fenton & Moflo Music – Lullaby [Single]

Flame – Only You (feat. Mike REAL & Wes Writer) [Single]

Eliud L’voices – Laberintos (feat. Thirsa Ramos) [Single]

Dru Bex – Good Cypher (feat. Kai, Kay Sade, LaToria & a.I) [Single]

PoetiCS – No L’s [Single]


No electronic this week ~_~

Michael W. Smith released “A Million Lights.”

This week the list is a bit more sparse than the combined list on Reddit. That being said, I enjoy the categorization.


Worship mob is from my old town and I know the sound guy who records them