New MyChildren MyBride song/video "XeN0"

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MyChildren MyBride have released another track as well as a music video for a new song off their upcoming album, “Vicious World”, available October 13th! Thoughts?

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Austin Garrett

Honestly, this video creeps me out. I’m sure the vibes can be explained by the message in the song, but at first glance it reminded me of when Brian “Head” Welch released his first solo project.

mr. zer0

Been waiting for this for a long time.


I’ve only ever listened to a few songs by this band.
IMO, while none of these new songs have touched the strength they had on the song “God of Nothing”, the djent-like grooves appearto work for them. I seem to remember lots of criticism about their music being typical and unimaginative, so it’s good to see them trying to evolve their sound.