New GFM Track, "On the Inside"

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If you haven’t heard Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh yet, you’re late to the party. GFM is a band of sisters from Jacksonville who’ve really made a nice mark on the Christian hard rock scene which the “Death of Giants” ep and “Identity Crisis” full length are clear cut evidence of. I’ve personally been pretty eager for some new material from the band, and yesterday I got my wish, as did all other GFM fans out there. Check out the new GFM track, “On the Inside” below and get yourself the single here.

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Reminds me of earlier Ilia; I like it!

This band has always been intriguing. I like their sound, but I wasn’t a huge fan of Death of Giants ep. Some of the songs sounded very preachy and inauthentic. Thus they come across as comical rather than sincere. Seek is a good example. The chorus has deep growls of “seek the Lord” and it just sounds ridiculous. That being said, I really like this track and maybe the album will have better lyrics. Soundwise they’ve always been good.

Tim M

Really interesting sound. Some of the clean vocals sound like early Paramore but then there’s the addition of the heavy screams.

Noah Hardwick

The release on most platforms was delayed unfortunately but “On the Inside” should be coming to Apple Music , Spotify, and the rest soon.