Michael Knott Returns With New "All Indie" EP

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Legendary singer, songwriter, musician, and one of the most recognized voices in Christian Music that many people still haven’t heard – Michael Knott, is back with a brand new EP. The All Indie EP Vol. 2 by Michael Knott is available right here through bandcamp on CD/Digital. “Underrated”, “Classic”, “Legend”, are all terms that can be unfairly associated with aging and relatively unknown musicians that have been slinging their instruments around for decades. Michael himself is more than just your common Christian Rock musician because he has been doing things his own way, despite his own struggles & past, and to the delight or dismay depending on how you look at it, for years and has inspired so many. Through countless record labels, deals, bands, albums, tours, shows, the music of Michael Knott lives on and if you’ve never heard him, now would be a good opportunity to give it a listen. Check out Lifesavers Underground, L.S.U., Mike Knott, Michael Knott, Aunt Bettys, CUSH, and more, all with that unmistakable voice and swagger. Enjoy and oh yeah, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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Samuel Pepke
Samuel Pepke
March 14, 2024 3:46 pm

Wow! This is great, musically and lyrically! I’ll see you there, brother.

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