Meadows - The Inheritance (New Song)

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A band called Meadows that we shared with you a few times in the past are back with a brand new song titled “The Inheritance”. As you can expect from hearing their prior material, this absolutely rules. Find the new song below. The group’s new ep titled “In Those Days & Also After PT. 2” is out July 26th through Dreambound. Imagine the combination of Defeater meets mewithoutYou meets Comeback Kid, Hundredth, and Life In The Way and you’ll get an idea for the sounds found on this new song. It’s like that perfect blend of Melodic Hardcore and spoken word like elements mixed with some singing. Post Hardcore meets Melodic Hardcore.

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July 11, 2019 7:41 pm

Great band almost helped them get booked at audiofeed this year. Crossing my fingers for next year

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