Mae's "Destination: Beautiful" 15 years later

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Today marks 15 years since the release of Mae’s debut album, “Destination: Beautiful”. I personally didn’t find out about these guys until a little after “The Everglow” came out, but after I checked out “Destination: Beautiful” I couldn’t figure out which album I liked more; probably still don’t know, to be honest. What are some of your favorite tracks and memories from this album? 15 years…man, time really flies.

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March 8, 2018 8:23 am

I really enjoyed “Summertime” from Desination Beautiful, but as a whole, I was hoping they would take it up a notch on their next album. The Everglow definitely delivered. “Our Love Is a Painted Picture,” the song they released last year, is really great.

March 1, 2018 1:21 am

I love the album art for d:b so much i incorporated some of it into a tattoo.

February 25, 2018 11:06 pm

Common Rob, it’s “The Everglow”, not “The Afterglow”. You sure you used to listen to their music? 😛

No worries. I was the same as you, only discovering D:B after engaging the experience that drew me in with “The Everglow”. I still like the latter better just because if the concept journey, but excellent music is found in both records.

February 25, 2018 9:37 pm

Embers and Envelopes! The first song I ever heard by Mae, on a burnt mix CD (wow, didn’t realize how old that makes me sound!) mailed to me by a friend on a message board (before social media, again…I’m old) for the fellow Virginia-born band like Mae, Vroom. They have since become one of my all-time favorite bands and I can’t wait to hear what they’re working on now!

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