Judgement Day Release New Ep for Free Online (SXE Hardcore)

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Orange County, CA. based straight edge hardcore band – Judgement Day, just released a brand new Ep titled “The Sun. The Darkness.” via Thumper Punk Records and Made In USA Records. You can download it for FREE Right here on bandcamp. The first track “Tomb” features Brook Reeves of Impending Doom. This is a heavy, sludge inspired hardcore selection of songs that’ll inspire and break the darkness. Check out the music below this message as well as the official press release. This is seriously good tunes and music that’ll have you pitting in your room and punching walls. Don’t believe me? Check your fists for blood and bruises after giving these songs a listen then check your heart to make sure it didn’t explode. Judgement Day is here. Follow on Instagram here: @judgementxday

March 20, 2020. Santa Cruz, California – American Straight Edge band Judgement Day from Orange County, California, announces the release of their second release “The Sun. The Darkness.” EP, a free download released jointly by Thumper Punk Records and Made In USA Records. This release juxtaposes lightness and energy of the Sun competing against the brutally heavy metal sounds of the Darkness. Sludgy, rhythmic and complex, but ultimately uplifting.

Track Listing:

1. Tomb (ft. Brook Reeves of Impending Doom)
2. Rise to Fall
3. The Master

Judgement Day features Levi Lehman (vocals), Estaban Baena (guitar), and Stephen Crosmer (drums). Recorded and mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit Studios, Van Nuys, California. Mastered by Audiosiege, Portland, Oregon.


Download free copies of “The Sun. The Darkness” and also the band’s full-length album “The Altar” at: http://thumperpunkrecords.bandcamp.com

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Ivan Sirinov
Ivan Sirinov
March 28, 2020 10:10 am

!! good music! Hard!

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