Joel Piper Covers Classic 1997 Dogwood Song and It is Out Now!

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Joel Piper (Lifelong/Avery Pkwy/Ex-Confide/Ex-Dismissed/Ex-Olivia the band) has surprisingly covered and recorded a version of the little heard and now classic 1997 Dogwood track, “In The Line of Fire”. This is a truly unique song and is sure to raise those eyebrows but at the same time bringing hope to so many people. Check out the song now on all digital networks and streaming sites. I always considered this a really emotional ballad and perspective not heard much in popular “Christian” music. I identify with this song not only for the situation my wife was in as a young teenager but also all the other countless babies that are discarded like yesterday’s news and lack of compassion some have for the unborn. Check this song out and go back to revisit some classic Dogwood while you’re at it.

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Phil metalhed
Phil metalhed
July 27, 2020 2:53 am

Not sure how i misd this, but its not bad. Kinda wat i thot it wud sound like, comin from joel, lol.

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