Jason Dunn (Ex-Hawk Nelson) Has a Reawakening

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Jason Dunn (Ex-Hawk Nelson) has had a spiritual reawakening and with that comes news of a brand new “solo” song titled “Surrender All”. His deeply personal testimony and message for all those searching for meaning has been posted via Facebook of which you can read below. Check out the song “Surrender All” and comment below with your thoughts.

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Maybe his “spiritual reawakening” can involve him sending out the Lights Go Down CD preorders that he stiffed us on (after which Lights Go Down completely disappeared from the internet so there was no one to contact about it).

Well, have you tried contacting him directly and kindly?

Back in the day I had to contact him directly relating his Abandon Progress release and it was all sorted out very nicely by him (me getting the album directly from him when I was scammed online first by a “legit” mp3 store) .


Great honesty from the story. I’m rarely into this kind of slower stuff (usually, it has to be a rewrite like TCC or WatG did), so not my bag. I still appreciate the passion and work. I hope he keeps getting better and happier in his life.