Jason Dunn (Ex-Hawk Nelson) Posts "The Lost Sessions Pt. 1"

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Former Hawk Nelson singer/songwriter/guitarist and current solo artist, Jason Dunn, has posted a series of long lost songs that are over 10 years old now and recorded toward the end of his time in Hawk Nelson. Check out the songs on all digital networks under his name and listen below. Read more about these songs below in the comments section.

While I was wrapping up my ten-year tenure with Hawk Nelson, I spent my days off flying to studios in Nashville, Vancouver & Toronto. I didn’t know what to record, or even why.
This time of my life I was at an all time low. My career was ending. My marriage was ending. My mental health was very unstable.
Over the last 5 years, my faith in God (and humanity) has been fully restored. I see life through a completely different lens now.
I stumbled upon these old recordings I found on a really old hard drive in my basement. I thought these songs were long gone. Thankfully they’re not. Although this was by far the strangest time in my life, I’m glad I still have these recordings.
Today I present to you, The Lost Sessions (part 1)

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