Introducing: Sweatpants

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Update: I have added the official music video for the song “Mold”, below. A new band by the name of Sweatpants out of the Bakersfield, CA. are have returned with a new single “Mold” that sheds light on their new musical direction. It’s very difficult to paint a description to similar artists since this young group seems to be paving their own way with a unique touch. I think fans of mewithoutYou, Superheaven, Citizen, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and The Raconteurs, would find something to appreciate in these guys.

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4 Comments on "Introducing: Sweatpants"

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Proud of my hometown boys!

Noah H.

Mold reminds me a bit of early House of Heroes.


Decent garage rock! Bass player is a loyal Thrasher fan.

David N

Not bad! Unique is definitely the word I would use!