Introducing: Binder of Light (Feat. Members of Stairwell, Bloodshed, Unashamed, Rainy Days)

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A new band I’d like to introduce is called Binder of Light. Its a new band featuring members of Stairwell, Bloodshed, Unashamed, Rainy Days, and more. The band just got picked up by The Charon Collective which is a newer label started by one of of the founders of Pluto Records. Check out the little write up below and make sure to visit them on Instagram @binderoflight and their label – The Charon Collective right here.

“The Charon Collective is excited to welcome Binder Of Light to the family! If the the two gentlemen in the photo look familiar to you, it’s because they should be. Jonathan Caro has been involved in our scene since his days in Bloodshed as a teen to his recent return with indie darlings Stairwell. Jeff Jacquay started his musical journey out as the frontman for one of the first spirit-filled hardcore bands, Unashamed, before moving on to play in rock groups like Rainy Days and the reunited Stairwell.

Caro and Jacquay have joined forces yet again to bring us what Jonathan originally envisioned as the next phase in Bloodshed’s career. Unfortunately, the other members of the band were unable to make that happen. For all intents and purposes, Binder Of Light picks up where 1997’s Tooth & Nail Records release “The Soft Spoken Words of Fallbrook” left off.

Be on the lookout for Binder Of Light’s first single to shine very soon through The Charon Collective”.

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