Introducing: Archetypes Collide (Video In Post)

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WOW!!!! I guess it was sometime last year or maybe the year before I first came across these guys. When I did, the first material I heard of theirs was really heavy hitting stuff, really good, really promising. Then, at some point things seemed to get far more melodic and tame.

At the end of 2020 however, the band released a new track called “Your Misery” (see the video below). This track took everything I’d heard from them to this point and blended it PERFECTLY. “Your Misery” has its melodic feel to it, but it also punches you right in the face with how heavy it can get. And what about that breakdown???? Crazy!

Archetypes Collide is a band that I think has the potential to really go places with their music. I feel like they are really honing their art and finding their niche. “Your Misery” is a perfect example of that and a song I would put toe to toe with just about anything else out there right now. Don’t sleep on these guys, I eagerly anticipate what lies ahead from them!

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