Indie Vision Music Launches Webstore

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Indie Vision Music has launched a brand new webstore which you can view at the link. Lots of stuff on the way and being planned for this year. Everything (minus the tapes and Tshirts) will begin shipping June 30th. I have the DENS CDs now and will be getting CDs from Mainsail, American Arson, Light The Way, At The Wayside, and 2Minute Minor tapes in a few weeks. I also just got all the stickers and buttons. If enough people order the tshirts, I will get them made in a timely manner. Also look for a tape release from At The Wayside July 14th courtesy of my friends at DBD Tapes. Working on a Mainsail tape release next. Would love to do vinyl. The Light The Way “Dude Lame: Deluxe Edition, Man!” CD is an extremely limited pressing and I will only have 50 or so copies. Once the deluxe edition is sold out, we are printing “Grace” and “Dude, Lame” as individual CD releases. All purchases of CDs/Tapes/Shirts come with a free sticker! That’s it for now, enjoy and talk soon.

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I’ll be watching out for those CDs for sure. I know At the Wayside interested me, but haven’t checked out the other bands well enough to decide. I’m also excited for the eventual return of the eBay listings, been enjoying what I got so far!

I’ll have to spend this next week getting a better ear to all the upcoming CD content and pick which I want to order. Not a big T-Shirt person myself, kinda wish y’all had a ballcap or something to snag instead (I need one to wear golfing!).


Been hoping for a fitted IVM hat for ever.

Steve young

When I get some money ahead I’ll get the shirt and a sticker

Steve young

When I get some money ahead I’ll get the shirt and a sticker