I AM THE STORM - These Lines (Debut Track From Thousand Foot Krutch Singer Trevor McNevan)

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Check out the new song “These Lines” off of “Fight Musik Vol. 1” by I AM THE STORM, the solo hip-hop/rap side project of Trevor McNevan from Thousand Foot Krutch. You can find the song below as well as a whole press release with details on this new project. “Fight Musik Vol. 1” is now available through all digital networks and streaming sites.

Known as the frontman, songwriter for rock favorite Thousand Foot Krutch, Trevor McNevan unveils his eight-track EP, FIGHT MUSIK VOL. 1, today under the moniker I AM THE STORM. The new recording is available now at Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon.com and more through the link, and with management, marketing, sales and distribution through The Fuel Music and STORM MUSIK INC. and co-management through Paradigm Management.

I AM THE STORM also launches its website, Twitter and Instagram, as well as premieres today the lyric video to its first single, “These Lines” (#theselines), on its YouTube page. Additionally, a concept music video for “These Lines” is in production now.

These lines, these lines,
They give me butterflies every time,
Got thoughts playin’ tricks in the back of my mind,
Should I stay or should I go this time?
‘Cause these lines, these lines,
Represent the heart & the mind,
Which one, am I gonna choose this time?
God knows, everybody walks these lines
(“These Lines” chorus)

Showcasing a diverse collection of powerhouse songs with anthemic “get you up” hooks and aggressive, hard beats while also leveling a chill, nostalgic side that pays tribute to the roots of the hip-hop movement, I AM THE STORM’s debut is the next chapter in McNevan’s musical journey.

“It was so inspiring to dive into this new project, both creatively and holistically, exploring different things musically, vocally and lyrically,” says McNevan. “It’s a creative room in my house that I haven’t invited anyone else into for a long time.”

Inspired by his love of rhymes, beats and having recorded a hip-hop album at 13 and again at 15 before launching TFK at 17-years-old, McNevan hopes I AM THE STORM (#iamthestorm) can be a “statement that we could all use and an antidote to speak to our own mountains, obstacles, fears, addictions, hurts, pain and rejections. It’s more about knowing that you’re in the center of your storm, where there is complete peace and tranquility as you face all the conditions that storms tend to bring and overwhelm in your life.”
More I AM THE STORM news and information can be found now at www.iamthestorm.ninja, https://twitter.com/IATSofficial and www.instagram.com/iatsofficial, as well as on McNevan’sFacebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

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September 28, 2018 3:48 am

If you like old school Hip Hop (circa 80’s/90’s), I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this album. Ironically, “These Lines”, while being a decent song, is probably one of the weakest on the album. This is mostly since the style is so similar to stuff that NF has put out. That being said, the rest of this album is a pure delight! Props to Trevor!

October 4, 2018 8:38 am
Reply to  Dave

Agreed! Every song feels unique, and I’d also add that his vocal work on the album is quite strong. I was very pleasantly surprised with this release.

Phil metalhed
September 28, 2018 6:40 pm

Cue up the “manafest” comparisons, lol. Also, 8 trax is tecnicaly a ful length.

Noah Hardwick
September 29, 2018 10:14 am
Reply to  Phil metalhed

I’d actually argue that the number of songs is irrelevant, it’s the length that really matters. With a 24 minute runtime this would technically be an EP as a 10 inch 45 rpm vinyl can hold roughly 12 minutes per side. Of course that’s very antiquated means of defining what’s considered an EP. The RIAA has a slightly more modern definition of 3-5 songs so long as the record is less than 30 minutes. Apple Music and Spotify are little more lenient allowing for 4-6 songs and under 30 minutes when defining an EP. It’s the lack of agreement on… Read more »

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