Gut Punch (Born Blind and NIV Members) Release Debut Song

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A new band called “Gut Punch” have emerged from behind the curtain and are ready to pummel your face off with their furious hardcore energy. Check out their debut song “Finish Line”, below. You can follow them on instagram here: @gutpunchhc This band features (former?) members of Born Blind and No Innocent Victim and reside in the San Diego, CA. region. Who else digs this?

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5 Comments on "Gut Punch (Born Blind and NIV Members) Release Debut Song"

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Feels like they picked up right where they left off. Looking forward to more!

Nice. But the prod is a lil off,+ not sure y they dropd the “born blind” name.


The production might be a “little off” because we recorded it ourselves. And our bassist moved to Germany. This is why we changed the name. It isn’t the same band. Must be nice just to criticize people.

Woa, sima down bud. Talk about ovareactin. 1. I sed “nice”, as in “i like it”, despite the prod. 2. Ok, simple enuf. It was a simple ?, not a “criticism”. R we guna get a ful length or ep outa this?

Sounds just fine. Great track!