Future of Forestry Release New Song "Athens"

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Future of Forestry are back with another symphonic masterpiece of a song called, “Athens”. The song is now available on all digital networks and streaming sites. You can find the song right here. Read about the song creation from Eric himself, below this post.

Sometimes the Kitchen Sink is Best

Over the years, I’ve explored the nuances between simplicity and complexity, delving into everything in between. The track “Athens” leans towards the complex side of the spectrum. In addition to the standard synths, orchestra, drums, and guitar, it features a variety of unique instruments:

– Hammered dulcimer

– Mandolin

– Celtic harp

– Bell choir

– Bassoon

– Harmonium

– Vocals by Kandi Peterson

Integrating multiple instruments poses the challenge of maintaining a cohesive sound. As I evolve as a composer/producer, I prioritize simplification even in the presence of numerous instruments. For instance, you’ll notice a recurring theme throughout the composition. Instead of embellishing it with additional countermelodies and opposing layers, the theme is played by multiple instruments, presenting a robust theme with a diverse sonic palette.

I chose the title “Athens” because the interplay of these multi-ethnic instruments evoked a sense of Greece or Southeast Europe.

I hope you enjoy it.


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