Full Ep Stream: Dreaded Dale "Wayward Ep"

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Check out this ep stream from new metallic hardcore band – Dreaded Dale. The band just released “Wayward Ep” today. It is available on their bandcamp here and through digital networks in a few days. Ep stream and a little background on the ep, below. The band plans to release 3 eps in 2018 so keep your eyes peeled and ears ready. Dreaded Dale has set out to bring Christ to a generation that has all but given up on typical Christianity

Wayward EP:

-This EP is the story of a man who fell away from God and he’s lost in a sea of his own sin. God is pursuing him, calling him back, and this is the story of him awakening and returning back to life.

• 1. “Voices”
-I’m running from God. The world is trying to kill me with suicidal thoughts and regrets over past mistakes before God can bring me back. God is pursing me and calling me back.

•. 2. “Days Gone Bye”
-I’ve awoken from a deep slumber of sin. I’m starting to realize failure isn’t defeat and I want more than what this world can offer me.

• 3. “Silencer”
-I’m pleading with God to search me to reveal all my defects so I can be the man I was meant to be and not this mess of a man I’ve let myself become.

• 4. “Belly of The Beast”
-God has shown me who I’ve been and where I can be. Now I’m asking God to take everything bad out of me that’s he’s revealed and realizing that no matter how much I fail God still loves me. It’s time for my victory.

• 5. “Settling The Score”
-I’m leaving the past behind. I’m realizing my failures can no longer hold me back from my destiny and who I’m meant to be.

• 6. “Bury Your Dead”
-I’ve see who I’ve been, I’ve let the light consume me. It’s time for me to bury my dead once and for all and follow the light of God until I reach my promised land.

Roaring out of the southlands Dreaded Dale is an Southern Metalcore band which formed March 24th, 2018. Mixing faith with metal, Dreaded Dale has set out to bring Christ to a generation that has all but given up on typical Christianity. Dreaded Dale is set to release three EP’s in 2018, first with the Wayward EP, followed by The Vicious Kind In September with a third EP to be expected around late November early December.

Band members:
Mikey Root – Vocals
Zach Cullins – Guitar
Jake Neace – Guitar
Ben Robinson – Guitar
James McFadden – Bass
Braxton Burke – Drums

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June 19, 2018 4:33 pm

YES!!! Thanks, Brandon! I’ve been waiting for more tunes from these guys!

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