Freeto Boat Are Back!!!

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For those of you unfamiliar with Freeto Boat, they began as a 10 piece Ska/Punk band in 1997 and self released their “Big Yellow Demo”

They then slimmed down to an 8 piece and got picked up by Bettie Rocket Records which hailed such great band such as Sick of Change, Face Value, Noggin Toboggan, Shop 11 Phoenix to name a few. (Sidenote: If you haven’t heard of these bands nor Bettie Rocket Records, do yourselves a favor and look them up! You can find some releases on digital networks.)

Freeto Boat released their “Hindsight 20/20” through Bettie Rocket Records November of ’98.

They then slimmed down to a hornless 5 piece and changed their sound from Ska/Punk to more Melodic/Skate Punk with comparisons to their label mates Face Value and Shop 11 Phoenix. Dare I say even reminiscent of MxPx? I’ll leave that up to the listener.

Freeto Boat then released what would be their final “End of the Beginning” through Bettie Rocket Records October of ’99.

Sadly, this great Christian Ska/Melodic/Skate/Punk band disbanded in 2000.

I personally am hopeful that with Freeto Boat creating a bandcamp page and offering their catalog for a name your price may signal something else in the works. Here’s hoping….

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