Five Iron Frenzy - So We Sing (Lyric Video and Watch Out For Angry Grown Ups)

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Five Iron Frenzy just dropped their controversial new song with a reference to a donkey. Forgive Reese, he really doesn’t know that he just invited like a ton of grown ups to come chase him down, and maybe their kids too? Yikes! Seriously though, people will be upset (even I have questionable taste) but remember one thing, the more angry you get, the more Reese will write. Please do not give Reese & Co. more reason to write lyrics. End it now. With that little disclaimer said, check out the song below and contribute to their kickstarter if you like that sort of thing right here. Reese, put the pen down…..Oh and how does a 90’s era Punk/Ska band raise over $160k as of this post without a label or backing? Fans, the fans, Passion, lots of passion, perseverance, and oh…pants, yes need the pants.

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Pauly T
Pauly T
September 7, 2020 2:02 pm

My favorite band, putting out some sweet music! Can’t wait for the new album! Also, check out ‘While Supplies Last’.

September 4, 2020 7:16 pm

I like this band, and they have some classic songs that will stand the test of time. I don’t think this new one is one of them though, but will always respect this band and glad they are still putting out music. They are rocking there kickstarter- I think they will make it to $200,000. Think they can go even higher?

September 4, 2020 11:02 am

Awesome! People forget they really jump-started off the whole Kickstarter method of record funding.

Daniel J
Daniel J
September 3, 2020 7:45 pm

Why it’s okay for 5IF to use the donkey word? Well… Ska music to me is similar to very early forms of jazz, and here’s a fun fact: Jazz was originally referred to as jass music, because it was looked down on as degenerate. 😂

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