Farewell to The O.C. Supertones 

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The show this past Saturday night was an incredible experience. It was bittersweet in the fact that they put on a fantastic, entertaining, and emotional show while at the same time effectively ending their more than two decade career as a band. So many memories are rolled up into this band for me and I’ll be forever thankful for the music & ministry of this mighty Ska band. I wrote a deeply personal account of my experience and love for this band on the IVM Instagram page. Feel free to visit and you’re welcome to comment with your thoughts. Check out some live videos I’ve uploaded to IVM YouTube Page, below. More coming….

The gentlemen in the band Heart Like War were gracious enough to document their experiences last Saturday and you can view that here.

Instagram post

Farewell to my friends in The O.C. Supertones. May God continue to bless and watch over your continuing ministries. Maybe there will be a special one off 30th anniversary celebration of Supertones Strike Back in 10 years 😉

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