Facedown Records Launch Store for "Rare Vinyl" From Their Catalog

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Facedown Records have launched a really cool “rare vinyl” store featuring a huge number of out of print vinyl releases, test presses, and other rarities. Check it out here.

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3 Comments on "Facedown Records Launch Store for "Rare Vinyl" From Their Catalog"

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If I would have caught this earlier, my paycheck would definitely be gone lol, I guess that’s a good thing


I’m tempted by that Attalus one. Love that album, and the band for giving us so much content on it. I’m not a vinyl person myself, so it’s tough to commit $40 to it, but I’m certainly thinking about it.

mr. zer0

SO glad I missed out on some test presses…I would’ve been compelled to buy em but they’re gone :D I love how Facedown does this, wish more labels would do this.