Empty Atlas Announce Eric Mattson as 2nd "Jr" Drummer

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Empty Atlas have announced that Eric Mattson of the long running band – Makeshift3, has joined the indie act – Empty Atlas, as their 2nd “Jr” drummer. He will be contributing cowbell, tambourine, congas, and some maracas. Even some steel drum will be added to the impressive band’s new sound. I like to call it “Post-Indie-Reggae-Island-Rock”, a unique sound in it’s own right and sure to delight fans all over the globe with the infectious summertime jam sessions. Tired of “Phish”? Well now you have Empty Atlas to rally behind. Look for their new EP, “Fluorescent Palm Tree” out this summer just in time for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Doesn’t make sense but hey, either does a 2nd drummer.

Disclaimer: Indie Vision Music can neither confirm nor deny the existence of a 2nd drummer for Empty Atlas. This is not intended as a misleading article. No harm or ill will is intended for either the members of Empty Atlas or for the band Makeshift3. It’s all in good fun. Happy April Fools!

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